Hills Pride Football has instructed many children since it kicked off in 2003. Many of them have gone on to Play football for their Middle, High Schools, and even Colleges. Their experiences with Pride taught them sportsmanship, discipline, Integrity and Respect. Their relationships gained from Pride garnered Lifelong Friendships. This is our Family, The Pride Family Once a member of Pride, Always a member of Pride!


Every Three months, we will look at  two Past Pride Players and have them comment on their experiences with playing football for Pride!  

   Alexander Filacouris  ‘17


Alexander started playing for Pride at the age of 8. His group was the first 12 year old team that Pride Produced!! He went on to play for Candlewood, and finally for Hills West High School all while maintaining honor roll! He helped Hills West High School reach the Playoffs this past year as one of their Running Backs, and Wide Receivers. Alexander has just committed to playing football with Columbia University in New York. We cannot be prouder!!

We wish him great success!! Congratulations to Alexander and his family!!

Alexander on MAXPREPS


“It was the summer of my third grade, and first day of football practice. I remember walking down what seemed like High School East's GIGANTIC hill and looking down at the sea of pride football players. The excitement was running through me. This vision is stamped in my brain and all the memories that followed are forever a part of what helped shape who I am. Pride Football taught me the fundamentals of football but mostly I learned what it was like to be a part of an amazing team, and  family along with spectacular coaches.  Our year was the first 12 year old team to play for Pride where we went on to win a championship with an undefeated season.   "If you want to go fast go alone, if you want to go far go together" and "far" is where we went together. I have had the privilege to continue an amazing path to play football in college as well as fulfill my academic desires at one of the top institutions in the country, Columbia University. Keeping my dreams alive both athletically and academically is the icing on the cake. To nurture your athleticism along with your intellect is the foundation I live by. “  - Alexander Filacouris 


   Donte Jarvis Jr.  ‘17


Donte began to play for Pride when he was 5 years old in 2004. He was with Pride from the very beginning. He played on the first 12 year old team Pride had as well. It was extra special to him because his father, Donte Sr. helped to coach the team. He continued his love of football by playing for West Hollow, and then on to representing Hills East High School!! He played Right Guard and running back offensively, and Defensive line, defensively.


Donte has just committed to playing football for Wagner College in New York! Wagner is extremely lucky to get him! Congratulations to Donte and his Family! We wish him only Success!!



“Pride football , in the eyes of some can be seen as just another youth football league.  But in my eyes, it has a much stronger purpose within the community.  Pride Football was not only where I played youth football, but it was where I built lifelong relationships with some of my closest friends, as well as supply me with the strong character I have developed throughout the years due to the well-rounded coaches they surround their players with to show them how to be successful and respectful people in the world today. This is the main reason I enjoyed playing for the program.” - Donte Jarvis Jr.





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